Shopify spells for your business.

Unlock your store’s potential with our expert touch—development, design, and analytics crafted with care.

Shopify Development

Our experts create visually stunning Shopify stores that capture your brand's essence, enchanting customers and enabling quick sales.

Shopify website creation
Cost Effective
Cost Effective
Time to Market

Shopify Plus

Shopify Headless

User Experience Audit

Elevate your website's user experience with our detailed UX audit, providing a thorough report and precise enhancement suggestions—no guesswork, just results.

UX Audit
Audit report
Audit Report

Visual Identity Crafting

UX & UI Design

Tag & Pixel Management

Our experts will help you organize and manage all your website's tracking and marketing tags, ensuring precise data collection and analysis.

Tag & Pixel Management
Data Layer Management
Data Layer Management

Analytics Implementation

Marketing Automation

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Agon has been working with Shopify for over 7 years and has helped over 200 businesses grow their online presence. He is a certified Shopify expert and has a team of developers that can help you with any project.

Discover the magic Spell & Sell can bring to your brand in minutes and see sparks of inspiration for ways we can transform your business.


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